Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to strengthen your hair


We all want strong, shiny, healthy hair, but unfortunately the stresses and strains of daily modern life tend to make it difficult. A busy schedule often mean our locks don't get the attention they deserve. Between the outdoors and the indoors, our hair tends to become neglected, weak, fragile and brittle. If your strands are feeling a little on the worse side, and you’d like to see their natural shine restored, these helpful tips will help guide you in the right direction.


It is important to understand that weak hair needs special attention. If yours is feeling a little brittle and lifeless, you’ll need to get yourself a specially designed set of shampoo and conditioner. Opt for something that is protein enriched: this will help your hair to rebuild it's strength you long for. We offer a great variety of shampoo's and conditioners at the salon. Ask about our Joico k-pak line to get you started!


Dull, fragile hair is often left looking lifeless because it is dehydrated. Very dry hair is prone to breakage in ways that healthy, nourished locks are not, and so it’s important that you give yours the moisture that it needs. Apply an intense conditioning hair mask about once every week, or twice in times of real hair crisis, and consider a leave in re-hydrating treatment as well.

less heat

Beware of taking very hot showers. Exposing your locks to high temperatures can actually contribute to weakening. Make sure your water temperature is sitting somewhere around the pleasantly warm mark, and never let it go all the way up to scalding hot. We also encourage less heat when you use your blow dryer  if you have a medium setting use that before the high heat, or just simply air dry your hair.


Your diet is such an important factor when it comes to re-conditioning weak and lifeless hair. Make sure you are getting all the correct vitamins and minerals by adding a multivitamin to your daily diet regime, or by increasing your intake of foods rich in protein and iron, and those full of calcium as well.


Curling irons, blow dryers and ceramic hair straighteners have become tools in our everyday beauty arsenals, and, as we know by now, they also contribute significantly to weakening our locks. In order to avoid dehydration and the breakage that results from it, it is crucial that you apply a defensive product before you get on with using the heat from one of those tools. This will help to seal in moisture, and will guard against the weakening effect of exposure to high temperatures as well.


Split ends occur when hair is especially dry and fragile at the tips and they pose a real threat to the rest of your locks as well. Split ends can ‘grow’ up the length of the hair, so that eventually almost the entire strand is cut in two. It goes without saying that this contributes significantly to weakening, and so, in order to keep your locks strong, it’s important that you trim about every six weeks or so.


While this is perhaps not so much a means by which to strengthen hair as a strategy to avoid excessive breakage, it is very important to consider. Especially if your hair is a little on the fragile side, you don’t want to be dragging a brush or comb through them; instead, get yourself a good quality detangling spray and use it to help you to brush without breakage.


We often forget that our hair, when it is exposed to UV rays, suffers significantly from sun damage. In order to protect your locks from this kind of inevitable wear and tear, it’s a good idea to invest in an SPF enriched product for your hair.
We offer a great 4 step conditions treatment at the salon as well! Call 330-733-0700 to set up your appointment today, before the heat from your house sucks all the moisture away from your strands.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fixes for Thinning Hair


There are plenty of ways to hide thinning hair.  Now, I’m sure you know wigs, weaves and extensions are all cool ways for disguising thinning hair but, there are plenty of other things you can try. Whether your thinning problem is reversible or a result of genetics and/or age, there is a way to add hair volume without having to pay top dollar for hairpieces! Interesting, right? Well, check out these following suggestions:


Darker shades of hair makes thinning more noticeable, which is why hairdressers usually advise a hair color change! Simply go a shade or two (maybe even three if you’re brave) lighter and those areas where your scalp used to kind of peek through won’t be as noticeable as before.


Disguising thinning hair or giving the illusion of volume to thin hair can be achieved with tons of layers! Ask your stylist to cut a few more layers, style them then explain how to achieve the same result at home. Have them suggest a few products and styling techniques for you to use on daily basis.


Although it gives great results, teasing as a popular volume-boosting method probably isn’t what you want to be doing day, after day! No need to risk further thinning, breakage and damage. Why not experiment with other ways to add hair volume such as thickening hair care and styling products? Thickening shampoo and conditioner will work wonders on their own, giving you the illusion of at least 20% thicker hair. But, you can also follow up with a root booster, volumizing mousse or powder and crank that volume up even more.


But what if your thinning hair isn’t a result of age or genetics, but a completely reversible damage your hair had sustained through your wig or extension wearing habit or chemical treatments? Well, time to give your hair a break, there are ways to hide thinning hair and look absolutely gorgeous in the process! Fold your favorite scarf into a headband or invest (and maybe even design) a few elasticized, quick-slip ones to have on the go and you’ll have a trendy interesting look to experiment with while growing out your edges.
Scalp colors are another interesting, highly effective way to hide thinning hair and make those critical patched areas less noticeable. Don’t give up your beloved hair color – get a matching spray-on color instead and achieve that head full of hair at home! You will have to experiment a bit to find the product that works best for you, but once you discover that perfect, non-sticky, non-transferable, long lasting formula, obtaining a flawless hairstyle will be a piece of cake!
Speaking about ways to hide thinning hair – here’s a tip that never gets old! Part your hair differently and experiment with hairstyles that can help make those critical areas less noticeable. And with so many hair accessories you can use… who’s to say you won’t even enjoy your new and improved styling habits!
Look for a product containing keratin protein fibers! This product basically looks like a powder, but actually contains special protein fibers that attach themselves to your hair making it look thicker, fuller and more voluminous! And crazy as it may sound – this revolutionary product really works magic and, unlike scalp color sprays, won’t run in humid weather!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nicole Jeffrey's Sparties

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All sparties are on Sundays from 12-6 at Nicole Jeffrey’s Salon & Spa. We provide wine and snacks and each guest (including the host) will receive the following:

ü  Skin analysis
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ü  Exfoliation
ü  Mask
ü  Toner
ü  Moisturizer
ü  Professional advice
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Friday, November 9, 2012

How to get your Hair Blowout to last


How to make a blow out last seems to be a question most women have. There’s nothing like a good blowout from the salon to make you feel like a brand new woman! We get our hair done, fall in love with that beautifully tousled hair and, naturally, want to find out how to make it last. It’s not that easy, of course, but it can be done which is what matters the most! So here's a few hair tricks and effective ways to make your blowout last as long as possible so you can preserve the sexy feel and keep your locks looking lovely as long as possible!

hands off 

One of the hardest things to do after you get a fabulous blowout is to keep your hands off those soft and silky strands but it’s one of the most important rules! The one you must follow in case you want to master the art of how to make a blowout last. Touching your hair will cause it to lose its shape and body as well cause your scalp to produce oil so admire your hair from afar and avoid touching it at all costs!
Wrapping your hair up can mean the difference between waking up to soft, straight strands and having to face a tangled mess! Grab a silk scarf and carefully and loosely wrap your hair up so that the ends aren't disturbed and leave bangs out. Avoid putting anything that might dent or produce weird lines in your hair.
If you don't have a silk scarf to use, another trick to making a blowout last is to loosely tie the ends of your hair in a ponytail with a soft scrunchie high on the top of your head. Leave out the front portion that frames your face and sleep with a satin pillowcase. The key here is to loosely tie up your hair so that your strands and ends remain intact without becoming tangled or causing frizz.
Make your blowout last even in the shower by putting your hair up again in a high and loose ponytail and tie a scarf or bandana around your hairline so that the shower cap doesn't make any your hair and to keep hair from getting wet. Once you're done showering, dry yourself off and shake your hair out. Feel free to use hairspray to help settle your hair. One hairspray that will be great is Bed Head Masterpiece for $19.50.  It will provide hold without that crunchy look and will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.
Another important step in how to make a blowout last is to use a dry shampoo after a couple of days when your scalp and/or hair starts feeling a little oily. There are a lot of excellent dry shampoo's available, we offer the Kenra for $19.50 . Spritz or powder your roots and gently rub or brush the formula in to improve the look, feel, smell and texture of your hair!
When you’re looking for ways to make your blowout last, keep in mind that you want to use the least amount of products possible such as serums, certain hairsprays and shine enhancers. You can use these products, especially if you're hoping to prolong your blowout for a work week, although using them towards the end is generally considered better  as it will allow you to have a fresher looking style as opposed to the one matted with a full week’s worth of product buildup.
One of the final steps in how to make a blowout last is to use a large barreled curling iron to give your hair some oomph. Change your part for more volume and use dry shampoo again if needed. Give your hair some bouncy curls or just use the iron to flip the ends under and get a more uniform look. If you don't have time to curl your hair, dirty hair is always the easiest to style and braid so go for a fun fishtail braid or try something new!
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